Fabrizio Boccardo

Torna a Tavole Fabrizio
The roots of his passion for nature go back to his childhood, when he lived in the countryside.
The summer holidays memories, the long walks searching for mushrooms, opposite to the "imprisonment" in the city during school time, couldn't help feeding everyday a vivid pleasure by the sight of his beloved woods and green meadows, symbols of freedom.
Unconsciously, today he finds himself again, astonished as a baby would be, looking at the various vegetal and animal beings living around his old country house, and always happy when finding an unknown mushroom or plant.
Fabrizio Boccardo, just over 30, law graduated, has become today, thanks to his persistence and his unbelievable natural bent, an exceptional scientific drawer who collaborates to several magazines and to the preparation of exhibitions with many national institutes.
We have the honour of presenting here Fabrizio's plates in groups, by zones or genus.

The total or partial reproduction of the plates is strictly forbidden.